February 23, 2015  (Posted March 5, 2015

EMS ALERT 15-001 Securing Ambulances At Baylor Medical Centers  (PDF Here)


Due to a recent event involving an ambulance at the Baylor University Medical Center emergency department, the Baylor Health Care System has instituted, effective immediately:


Baylor respectfully requests our voluntary compliance with this policy. Please understand that it is Baylor’s intent to remove the “opportunity” for individuals wishing to commit a crime involving an ambulance while on Baylor property.  The few seconds it takes to secure an ambulance can save many hours and resources that it would take for its recovery or other necessary investigation/actions.  

Please know that the Baylor Health Care System appreciates the selfless and lifesaving services you provide each day to patients in our North Texas communities. 

If you have any questions regarding this alert, please contact LuAnn McKee through BioTel or via e-mail