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  1. EMS TB 15-001 Accidental Hypothermia    PDF Here

  2. EMS TB 15-002 Contacting BioTel for Medical-Legal Assistance    PDF Here

  3. EMS TB 15-003 UTSW/ Parkland Field Amputation Team Activation   PDF Here

  4. EMS TB 15-004 EMS Providers Responding Outside of Their Normal Jurisdiction for a State Disaster Response      PDF Here

  5. EMS TB 15-005 Adult CPR Update: Change to “Continuous Chest Compressions” (“CCC”)   

    PDF Here
         TB PDF Here       Narrated PowerPoint Here      PowerPoint PDF Here     Hands-On Video Here

  6. EMS TB 15-006 Child/Elderly/Disabled Abuse & Neglect Reporting Procedure    PDF Here